My Philosophy

My Story

My struggle with weight and body image began early in my childhood. I was an obese child and I suffered from judging and bullying at school because of my weight. I became aware of my body image early on, and I struggled through many misinformed diets during my teen years. I remember the many times where I resorted to starvation diets until I lost the weight, causing great harm to my developing body. My struggles with weight loss continued beyond my childhood and adolescent years.

Nadia Akanan

Health Coach

I thrive on helping you change you feel healthy

The Next Chapter

I got married and had my first child a year into the marriage. Pregnancy and childbirth brought their own weight and body image issues into my life. Being a new mother, there was nothing I would not do to make positive changes in my child’s world. I decided to start with myself, and this is how it all started. I realized that being heathy and fit is not just about looking good; it is about leading a healthy lifestyle and making the right choices for our health.


As I worked on my own weight loss goals- the healthy way this time- I decided to become a health coach. I wanted to help others develop a healthy relationship with food and body image that brings them closer to their health goals. I am sure you too have a story and you are here today to seek the help you deserve to bring you closer to an optimum health and weight loss goal.

As your health Coach, I will be standing by you step-by- step to introduce my wellness program that will allow you be healthy, happy , enjoy healthy food and learn how to make healthy changes to your daily routine. I will be here to support you and guide you throughout your road to health and success. So take the step and call me today and schedule your free consultation.

Best health,